A house in south west London measuring just eight and a half feet wide has gone on the market for £300,000 – there is room to ‘swing a cat’ in the garden though!  


26th Jan (1)


The Twickenham home is sandwiched between two normal-sized houses, yet still manages to contain a fully equipped kitchen, and two beds – although one of them is above the fridge and the other is tucked away in the living room!


Oddly enough the property backs on to a huge garden that has almost five times as much space as the house itself. The lawn measures 1,562sq ft compared to 322 sq ft of living space.


At 17.7ft by 6.5ft, even the garden shed is significantly wider than the property itself.


26th Jan (2)


The slender home was originally built as a ‘granny annex’ for the house next door, but is now being sold as a separate unit. Set back from the main road, it comes with its own driveway and off-street parking.


Estate agent Jackson-Stops & Staff say that they have been overwhelmed by the  interest in the skinny property so far: “It’s a fantastic property but quite an unusual one to show people round. It’s a bit of a marmite house – people either love it or hate it – but I think it will be sold very quickly,” says Russell Gooden who is handling its sale.


26th Jan (3)


“I don’t think it’s one for two people unless you’re very close! I’ve never seen anything like it – especially because the garden is so large,” adds Gooden.


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