San Francisco residence architect Christi Azevedo of Azevedo Design helped the owner renovate a small, derelict brick building back into a modern guest house.




Dating back to 1916 and originally used as a laundry boiler room, the structure’s footprint measures a measly 93 square feet. To transform it into a larger space, Azevedo added a mezzanine level for a bed and bathroom area, using the old building’s existing roof beams to support the new floor.




There is a full sized kitchen and living room with all the usual contents – including a sofa and multi-purpose table for dining in or lounging around. A kitchen work surfaces moves out to attach to the stairs, providing extra counter space.




Upstairs features a large, queen-sized bed and bathroom, plus a wall of storage drawers hidden in a small passageway. To allow more natural daylight in, Azevedo installed a glass landing stepping up to the bed. There’s also storage hidden in the hinged headboards.




This renovation goes to show that tiny homes don’t necessarily have to be on wheels.


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