An idyllic Scottish island has been placed onto the market for just £350,000 which is less than the average price for a one-bedroom flat in London.


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The Holm of Huip is situated in the Orkney Islands which lie off the north coast of Scotland.  The 250,000 square meter island boasts stunning views, tranquil beaches, fascinating archaeological sites and even its own herd of seals.


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The new owner will need to overcome some practical challenges however as the island doesn’t have electricity or running water and the only structure currently standing would need a lot of work to make it habitable.  Getting to the island also requires a bit of planning as it can only be reached by boat or helicopter from nearby Stronsay in good weather.


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The island hasn’t been inhabited for more than 100 years and legal barriers restrict anyone from living there permanently, with short stays of up to three months in the summer generally the maximum allowed.


Whilst it may appear remote, the selling agent insists that the island is actually very well connected with the choice of either an extremely brief (11 minute) flight or 90 minute ferry journey from Kirkwall, capital of the Orkney Islands, to Stronsay.  From Stronsay it is a short hop to the island which can be made by rowing boat.


Pedro Avrez, the island’s former owner said: “The area was thought to be occupied by Vikings and is known to have a number of archaeological sites containing artefacts which are centuries old.  The remains of Viking longboats and cairn have been discovered up and down the island, usually by local fishermen.”


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[Images from Vladi Private Islands]

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