Former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland footballer Roy Keane has parted company with his mansion in the Suffolk village of Woodbridge for a cool £2.95m.

The detached 100 year old property has seven double bedrooms, swimming pools (yes – that’s more than one!) and a tennis court, and is described as an “exquisite property with enviable far reaching panoramic views of the River Deben.”

Keane previously lived in Cheshire in a grand family home valued at £9.5 million, before relocating to Suffolk in 2009 when he started his ill-fated spell as manager of Ipswich Town.

Keane 2

He, his wife and five children, had lived in the Woodbridge mansion ever since, but are now thought to be relocating to either his native Cork or the north-west where Keane is currently carrying out scouting and television work.

The pictures released by the estate agent responsible for the sale, provide a fascinating glimpse into one of football’s most uncompromising figures, the home is tastefully decorated with solid oak throughout and a colour palette of deep reds, browns with splashes of yellow.

Surprising inclusions include a grand piano and treehouse.

Keane 3

Somewhat disappointingly, there is no evidence of dartboards with crude images of Alex Ferguson tacked onto them however.

Keane 4

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