A 74-room mansion used by Napoleon Bonaparte as his headquarters during a famous battle has been up for sale.




Villa La Voglina in Piedmont, Italy was built in the 18th century by the world-renowned Baroque architect Filippo Juvarra.


The historic property is set in 60 acres and boasts 13 bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a private chapel with seating for 30 people.


It is on the market at £3.8 million with Beauchamp Estates, which also has a two-bedroom flat for sale at a similar price in London’s Belgravia.




Some 215 years ago, the French emperor used Villa La Voglina as his headquarters for the Battle of Marengo. The fighting between the French and Austrians took place near the city of Alessandra in Piemonte on June 14, 1800. Napoleon’s French forces overcame General Michael von Melas’s surprise attack near the end of the day, driving the Austrians out of Italy.


As a ‘thank you’ to the French ancestors of the current owner, Napoleon ordered the captured Austrian troops to build the current terrace.




The property also has two dining rooms, two kitchens, ten reception rooms and a guest house.


There are beautiful formal gardens and terraces along with a vineyard which, if restored, could produce around 100,000 bottles of wine per year.




Gary Hersham of Beauchamp Estates, said: “Villa La Voglina is a wonderful classic Italian Baroque villa, architecturally and historically significant as an example of Juvarra’s work and of a stature that does not often come to the market.”


“With a sizeable parcel of land, it would make a truly stunning and tranquil private retreat.”


“Located as it is in one of Italy’s most celebrated culinary and wine producing regions, reinstatement of the vineyards would be in-keeping with the region and the property’s history, in addition to assisting with the running of the estate.”





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