International Women’s Day probably seems a long time ago for the residents of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, where a property has gone on sale that includes a spacious back garden, modern furnishing – and a free wife.


free wife


The strange offer was the idea of the estate agent for the £50,000 propertyDina Purna Dirgantara – and 40-year-old home owner Wina Lia told local news she was willing to go along with it all.


Miss Lia has done a number of interviews since the news of her unique sale went viral on social media, and has told the Indonesian press that she agreed to it because she was ‘looking for a husband anyway’.


The bungalow, built on slightly over a sixth of an acre, features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, granite flooring and even a fish pond. It was listed on Indonesian property portal with the promotion: ‘Buy at the asking price and take the owner as your wife (terms and conditions apply)’.


Mr Dirgantara, the estate agent who came up with the idea, has claimed the buyer of the property wouldn’t necessarily have to marry Miss Lia.


“I don’t blame Dian as I did agree to the listings tagline,” the single mother explained. “Everytime I fall in love, it fails – it’s happened twice now. My wish is to sell this house, but it would be great if I could also meet my soul mate.”


“Since yesterday morning there are continuous calls, I don’t count how many, there must be dozens or even hundreds. But if someone just wants the house, they can have that” Mr Dirgantara told Time Magazine.

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