It says something about London’s property micro-climate that for the price of a five-bedroom penthouse near Hyde Park, you can buy a whole Italian estate complete with a 12th century medieval castle!




The apartment in the capital would set you back £20m, whilst the second, which comes with 115 bedroom and 100 bathrooms, would set you back €28m (£19.8m).


Just east of Siena, the castle is thought to be the largest property in the world currently on the market and is surrounded by 630 hectares of land planted with 1,500 olive trees.


However, the Italian market is keen on discretion, so the name of this historic occupancy is being kept secret by the agent. The purchaser’s name too is likely to remain hush-hush.


This romantic setting in Tuscany, complete with a medieval courtyard, tower and chapel, is sometimes hired for weddings and has many pools to choose from too should you fancy a swim.




“The approach to it is wonderful and you go into another world. There are thousands of wild boar and roe deer, magical woods, vineyards, olive groves and grain fields. On the estate it is always silent. The castle was built at a time just before Giotto, when the Renaissance lay around the corner and Siena was at war with Florence,” says the agent John Jonk of Sotheby’s International.


It is believed that Galileo Galilei once stayed in the tower and will have gazed out upon the same night sky as any potential buyer.
“The price is unusually low considering it provides 154,139 sq ft of accommodation. But this reflects the market in Europe at the moment,” Jonk adds.


But how does the castle compare to other titans of the property world? One of the largest newly built palaces is the 27-story skyscraper Antilia in Mumbai, India. The lavish property includes six storeys of parking lots, a lobby with nine elevators and several lounges, a ballroom with crystal chandeliers, a swimming pool, yoga studio ice room , four–storey garden and private sleeping areas for a family of five within its 400,000 sq ft of space.


The largest property still used as a home in Britain is Winsor Castle at 484,376 sq ft, this includes St George’s Chapel and Queen Mary’s Dolls House. Interestingly, the original castle was built in the 11th century around the same time that this Italian castle was created.


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