A nuclear bunker in Hoo, Kent has sold at auction for £18,000.


nuclear bunker


The property for sale with Clive Emson auctioneers exceeded the pre-sale guide price of £10,000 to £15,000.


Although it wasn’t the most attractive thing in the world, it was certainly a lot cheaper and a fair bit safer than the average two-up two-down property.


The bunker was designed to provide shelter for two or three people for several weeks. It now ‘features’ an exterior overgrown with ivy, a rusting hatchway, and an interior lacking any kind of decoration.


“The entrance is by a vertical ladder that goes 15 feet underground to the interior that consists of a large room,” says the Clive Emson press release.


nuclear bunker 2


John Stockey, auctioneer, said before the auction: “This is a fascinating part of Cold War history, and the bunker is in a plot of 0.09 acres.


“The bunker extends to around 7 by 15 feet, and was constructed with concrete and compacted soil on top.


“These constructions could reduce any external nuclear radiation by a fact of 1,500:1


“They were not designed as protection from a nuclear bomb but so that the range and level of nuclear fall-out could be measured.”


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