A Star Trek-themed flat in Leicestershire has gone up for sale.


The Star Trek fanatic behind the renovation was jailed in 2013 and his ex-wife is now selling the unique property in order to make a ‘fresh start.’


The unusual flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire, is on the market with Hope Estates for £70,000 and is expected to attract strong interest from Star Trek obsessives.


“I am now divorced and I estimate that it is time for me to put this flat and my ex-husband’s project behind me,” the former spouse told The Evening Standard in a statement.


“I do not want to be reminded about my past and I am looking forward to turning to the next page in my life,” she added.


Sci-fi fan Tony Alleyne spent many years turning the living space into a replica of the Star Trek Voyager spaceship.


The flat’s Rightmove listing reads:  “Calling all Star Trek Fans. Have you always dreamt of having your own Voyager?”


Marine Barraud, from Hope Estates, said: “We’re pleased to introduce to the market this truly unique property. Once you step in this flat you enter into a different world.”


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Photos: Rightmove


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