House prices aren’t showing signs of slowing down, so it’s not surprising that first time buyers are looking for unique properties to get on the property ladder.


Whilst some are looking for a cheap alternative, the opportunity to own such unique homes has increased the price for a few skinny homes.


Recently an eight-foot wide house was sold in Denmark Hill, London for £450,000 nearly double the average for the UK. Could this be a start of new trend?





England’s narrowest building at four-foot 10 inches was placed on the market at £125,000 but this property isn’t in London but Fratton, Portsmouth. Owner Stuart Beckett says “You’d never expect it to be this big inside when you look at the front.”




Another skinny property in Redruth, Cornwall came on the market but it’s a little wider in comparison compared to the previous two properties, at six-foot one inches. It’s on the market for £119,000.





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