Knocker, a new smartphone app that allows user to peek into stranger’s homes, has entered the market.


But don’t be alarmed, the app only allows you to see homes that are available on the market.


Wherever you are in the UK, Knocker will tell you which properties nearby are for sale, as well as showing you interior photographs and local information.


Some experts have dubbed it ‘Tinder for house-buying’, as like the dating app, it aims to help you find your perfect match.


“We’ve all strolled through a particularly beautiful area and imagined living there. This app gives prospective purchasers the immediate opportunity to consider the possibility of purchasing their dream home,” says Jake Russell, director at London estate agent Russell Simpson.


So how does it work?


The app is synced with housing website Zoopla and uses your phone’s GPS to track your location and show you what is available around you. Then you can call the estate agent and arrange a viewing with a single tap, if you like what you see.


Once you’ve browsed the interior photos, it also shows you floor plans, nearby schools and statistics on the neighbourhood.


Only time will tell if this is the way forward for property buying, but what is clear, is that Knocker is a godsend for the curious and downright nosy!


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