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A Lincolnshire landlord was recently shocked to find a 50 stone pig living in his rented property.


Dr Gary Armstrong is now facing a bill for thousands of pounds for cleaning and repairs, after he discovered the giant porker was living inside his £175,000 three-bedroom bungalow.


The GP, who was letting the bungalow to an RAF serviceman, had put a ‘no pets’ rule in place, but discovered the huge black pig in the property during an inspection.


“The whole thing started to come together as the state of the house and garden were not consistent with a dog. To my surprise, on an inspection I found a 50 stone, fully grown black pig living inside the house,” Dr Armstrong revealed.


“On a previous inspection we had been kept out of one room where I suspect the pig was hiding.”


“The house is in a shocking state. On a personal note, it’s so upsetting to see a much loved family home ruined.”


A “large dog” had been reported by a builder working on the property and the tenant had been asked to remove it, but instead a pig was found when Dr Armstrong dropped in on the property.


It was the pig’s size which shocked Armstrong the most: “I mean it was huge – it had tusks!” the 36-year-old added.


Landlord Insurance


Dr Armstrong believes that the Vietnamese pot-bellied pig – that was owned by the tenant’s partner – has caused damage of £7,500 to the property in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.


“We had an estimate of £7,500 to cover the damage – that’s for cleaning, repairs, new floor covering, returfing the garden and repairing the patio.


“As you can imagine, a pig living in the house equals a lot of dirt, the walls are filthy.”


The tenant has since left the property.


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Pics: Ross Parry

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