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The world’s most successful Airbnb landlord is based in London and currently makes £11.9m a year in rental income, renting out 881 properties in the city.


According to the latest research by Airbnb analyst AirDNA, this figure represents the most made in profit by any owner who rents out properties on the short term rental website in the past year.


Another landlord was not far behind, raking in £11.8m through 504 properties in Bali over the corresponding period. This data suggests the website has shifted from flat-sharing to property management, with single operations turning over huge sums of money.


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While London is the home to the biggest earning individual landlord, the other top-earning landlords were based in Cape Town, Paris, Havana, Sydney, Barcelona, Madrid and Melbourne.


Top Earning Individual Airbnb Landlords


“Airbnb is no longer a community just for individuals renting out their space or properties on their own,” AirDNA CEO Scott Shatford told the Telegraph.


He added: “We’re seeing traditional property management companies operating as many as 1,000 listings.


“These numbers don’t show a multimillionaire sitting on a gold mine. These are businesses that have emerged in this new economy, with hundreds of employees, managing other people’s second homes.”


According to AirDNA, 65% of hosts using the site are individuals, adding that 35% are management companies. However, the ratio is shifting towards the latter.


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Although the biggest earning individual landlord is in London, the figures show that earnings are highest in the Indonesian holiday island of Bali, where average revenue per user is £31,294 compared to an average of £16,003 in London. Behind Bali are Tokyo, Barcelona, Lisbon and Rome.


Top Areas making the most money on Airbnb


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