The five most searched for questions by landlords has been revealed.


The survey by TotallyMoney found ‘how long does a landlord have to return a deposit?’ was the most searched for landlord-related term, with 600 searches a month.


Landlords will find the answer, not on the internet, but in the terms of their tenancy agreement or in the small print of the deposit scheme the lump sum is safeguarded with.


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‘What does landlord insurance cover?’ came in at joint number two with 500 searches a month.


The answer is that it covers landlords for issues outside of a standard policy, for example unpaid rent, public liability and accidental damage and home emergency. It is crucial to make sure you are properly covered – and to fully understand the terms and conditions of the cover you have.


Also with 500 hits a month was the wide-reaching question ‘how to become a landlord?’


Not an easy one to answer, as anyone who has become a landlord will know, and, whether you’re a professional, accidental or pension pot landlord, it is only going to get more complicated with government regulations tightening the regulations around buy-to-let and increasing the red tape – and cost – of letting properties.


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It is vital for any wannabe landlords to understand the financial outlay of entering the buy-to-let market – letting out properties is not the goldmine it can be perceived to be. Mortgage repayments, letting agents fees, property maintenance and increasingly licences will all eat into your rental yield.


With 250 searches a month was ‘who pays council tax, tenant or landlord’? and, rather alarmingly ‘how long does it take for bailiffs to evict tenants’.


The answer to the latter, should you be in the unfortunate position to need it answering, is usually 14 days after a court has made the order for eviction.


And as to who pays the council tax, this should be set out clearly in the terms of the tenancy agreement.


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