A new study conducted by blinds specialist Hillarys, has found that one in three people would happily rent for the rest of their lives.


Of the 2,000 people interviewed, just over half of them (52%) said that they were happy renting and 32% saying they would continue to rent.


Majority of the participants said they had been renting for 6-10 years and 28% had been renting for 0-5 years. The remaining had been renting for 11-15 years. The average monthly rent amount was £650.


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The most popular reason behind the decision to rent was ‘I am able to move about freely’, with 39% of participants choosing this option.


This was followed by ‘property prices are far too high’, scoring 27%.


Other popular reasons included not having to worry about repairs (14%), not wanting to live anywhere permanently (9%) and the stresses of buying a house (6%).


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The study also highlighted wanted changes to the rental market by the tenants, with 91% arguing that landlords shouldn’t be able to kick tenants out unless they had broken the law.


Of those who said they were unhappy renting 34% said the reason was a ‘lack of renters rights’.


89% of the tenants argued that landlords should give at least six months notice before they evict them, while 63% said tenants should be given the right to refuse if their landlord decides to sell their property.



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