The average age of people buying investment property has fallen by more than three and a half years in the past nine months.


The research by online estate agency, yieldit, found that those purchasing buy-to-let property as an investment were on average 45.9 years. Less than a year earlier, under the company’s previous name of Intrus Residential, the average age was 49.5 years.


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In the last nine months, 36.3% of all yieldit buyers were aged 40 or under, an increase of 11.7% over the previous figure of 24.6%.


In contrast, over the same time period, the proportion of buyers aged 60 and over was only 14.1%. This represents a fall of 8.9% from the previous high of 23%.


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Yieldit said the figures represented a wider shift in the industry that is seeing buy-to-let property investment as an “increasingly mainstream option”.



Once dominated by older cash-rich buyers, a greater range of mortgage product options has opened up the market to younger buyers who view their portfolio as a long-term retirement investment.



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