A new lettings platform that will reward existing tenants to find their replacement is launching soon.


The unique online platform is designed to benefit landlords by making the changeover between tenancies smoother through passing control over to the tenants.


The system allows the tenants to upload the property details and images to the website, however, the landlord must approve of this first.


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Through the website, tenants are able to liaise with potential tenants through a chat feature.


Once the landlord approves this and the tenancy change has been confirmed, Mashroom will make the essential checks before the landlord and new tenant sign a tenancy agreement.


When the new tenant moves in the previous tenant will receive the reward payment of one week’s rent.


Mahroom’s founder, Stepan Dobrovolskiy said: “By redistributing platform income to tenants and saving landlords money, Mashroom creates an integrated community that will produce a behavioural shift in the way people find and let their properties in large cities.”


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“The current system of tenancy changeovers can be expensive and slow with a lack of transparency and communication between landlords, tenants and intermediaries. By getting the outgoing tenant involved in the process, and rewarding them for doing so, we feel our lettings community provides a much-needed solution to a long-standing problem.”


“Not only does Mashroom save landlords money while rewarding departing tenants, it also speeds up the rental process for all parties and allows the incoming tenant to gather key information from someone who has already lived in the property.”


Mashroom will be launching soon and are currently inviting landlords to trial out its system at no cost before it is available to the general public.


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