Court repossession


New data shows that landlords are now waiting longer to repossess their properties from tenants for legitimate reasons.


The Ministry of Justice released new figures showing that landlords now have to wait on average 17.3 weeks for their claim to settle in repossession- this figure is a week longer compared to the end of 2018.


In an article written for the RLA, housing minister Heather Wheeler argued that landlords who experience the eviction process through the courts describe it as “unduly slow and complex.”


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She also explains how the government will be working with the RLA to come up with a new fairer deal for both landlords and tenants.


Wheeler also explains how strengthing Section 8- the notice for repossession given by the landlord if the tenant has broken the tenancy agreement would be the first step in giving landlords further grounds for repossession.


“We will also explore whether some of the existing grounds need to be updated too so that landlords have the power they need.”


“Ultimately, both landlords and tenants stand to benefit from a more stable and secure legal framework- for investment, letting and renting alike.”


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Wheeler’s article comes after government plans to remove Section 21 ‘no fault’ repossessions which the RLA argue will decrease landlords rights.


The policy director for the RLA, David Smith argues that the courts are not able to deal with the pressure of landlords claiming to repossess their property with legitimate reasons.


He also added “Before seeking to scrap Section 21 repossessions Ministers urgently need to give confidence to landlords and tenants that the courts will first be substantially improved to speed up access to justice. That means establishing a full and proper housing court.”


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