Short term let adverts


The Residental Landlord Association along with other landlord groups are calling on Sadiq Khan to remove adverts of short-term lets aimed at tourists, from the TFL (Transport for London) network.


The RLA wants Khan to remove the current adverts by Hostmaker taken down from tubes and train across London.


Short-term lets, lead by Airbnb have become very popular in recent years. According to the RLA listings on Airbnb increased by 60% to 53,000 listings in London in the 12 months to 2017 alone.


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Over the last few years, short-term lettings have become increasingly regulated, with houses in London only allowed to be let out on a short-term basis for up to 3 months (90 nights).


The RLA claim that short-term lettings have a negative impact on the number of homes available to rent for Londoners and in turn are pushing up rent prices.


RLA’s policy director, David Smith argued that: “While people have the right to do what they want with their properties, the movement of homes from the long-term to short-term lettings sector is damaging to communities and to the supply of homes to rent for ordinary Londoners.


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“The sentiment of these advertisements contradicts the Mayor’s own policy on short-term lettings, and we call for their swift removal.”


A petition on this matter has also reached over 600 signatures.


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