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As we reach the tailend of 2019, a year dominated by Brexit uncertainty, it’s time to look ahead to what investment opportunities 2020 may offer landlords.

The property market has wobbled under the unpredictability of the UK’s exit from the European Union, with London feeling the brunt of this uncertainty.

But while the capital’s once buoyant market stutters, the regions are bearing up far better and are offering increasingly good investment opportunities.

Research by SevenCaptial have revealed what they consider to be the 10 best cities for BTL investment based onregeneration investment, property price growth and average rental yields.

The property investment company put Birmingham on top, with a 19.30% property growth in five years; London, with a 13.61% growth, was number 10. 

The list in full:

  • Birmingham

2019 Population: 1.2 million

Property Price Growth since 2014: 19.30%

  • Liverpool

2019 Population: 494,000

Property Price Growth since 2014: 12.45%

  • Manchester

2019 Population: 546,000

Property Price Growth since 2014: 22.09%

  • Leicester

2019 Population: 417,000

Property Price Growth since 2014: 23.92%

  • Nottingham

2019 Population: 330,000

Property Price Growth since 2014: 19%

  • Sheffield

2019 Population: 725,062

Property Price Growth since 2014: 19.5%

  • Oxford

2019 Population: 165,000

Property Price Growth since 2014: 11%

  • Cardiff

2019 Population: 474,000

Property Price Growth since 2014: 14%

  • Leeds

2019 Population: 815,000

Property Price Growth since 2014: 17.04%

  • London

2019 Population: 9,100,000

Property Price Growth since 2014: 13.61%

A separate report from Hometrack saw Liverpool, Birmingham and Cambridge showing the highest growth over the past three months.

Glasgow and Leicester made up the top five of the Hometrack report, which looked at the property capital gains from the past 12 and three months. 

Best areas for UK Property Capital Gains*

CityAverage pricePeakLast 12 monthsLast 3 months


By comparison, London grew only1.1% over the same three month period.

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